Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Pregnancy Journal: Week 15

I am just starting to feel good and not be so nauseated all the time . I am so thankful to be off the reglan pump now. Having hyperemesis during pregnancy is nothing I would wish on anyone but in the end it worth it.  

How Far Along -  

15 Weeks Pregnant (15 weeks 5 days) 

Due Date -  

September 8th, 2016  

Boy or Girl -  

Baby Development -  
The baby should now weigh around 2 1/2 ounces and be 4 inches long about the size of an apple! Baby is busy moving amniotic fluid through its nose and upper respiratory tract, which helps the primitive air sacs in its lungs begin to develop. Its legs are growing longer then its arms now, and it can move all of its joints and limbs.

Symptoms -  
As of now I am not having to many symptoms which is a relief after the rough start we had! I do occasionally get headaches if I don't drink enough water. 

Current Cravings -  
The only cravings I have had lately Mexican food. 

Currently Avoiding -  
I am currently not avoiding anything. 

Belly Button Status -  
Still In

Movement -  
Not much.

Any Appointments? -  
I saw the doctor last week and got the OK to go off the Reglan pump.

Any Baby Related Purchases? -  
None right now for me but I have bought stuff for a friend who is expecting her first :)    

~ If you are currently doing a pregnancy journal please link it up below! I would love to read where others are in their pregnancy journeys...

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