Monday, May 16, 2016

Baby Wren and the Great Gift

Recently I received the book Baby Wren and the Great Gift to review with by boys and it quickly became a favorite in our home. Every child wishes they could be someone else whether it's a super hero, an animal or an object, and that's the same way baby wren felt in this book. In the book Baby Wren was no different then the children we are raising today. Baby Wren was born on a ledge and just wanted to fit in. She wished she could dive with the fish, fly with the Eagles, play with the ring-tail cats, but she couldn't. 

Baby Wren wondered what her gift was. Then, a storm rolled in and Baby Wren wished she could fly into the storm with the eagles. That's when Baby Wren figured out what her special talent was. She could sing. She sang and sang and sang. The animals told her that her song was bigger than the whole canyon. All of the animals loved her song and played along with her. Baby Wren realized that, no matter how small you are, we all are perfect just the way we are.

My boys and I really enjoyed this book and the special lesson that it teaches. That no matter how small or big we are we are all made to do great things. Sometimes we do not see our special gift or talent right away but if we are patient we will find it and use it to do great things. 

How would you like to add this wonderful book to your child's collection? If so just simply enter below!


  1. What a great book! I would have to share it with my grandchildren. The message that we all have our own special talents is so important. Thank you for this great giveaway!

  2. I'd share this with my nieces!!!

  3. I would share it with my munchkins then use it for work :)

  4. I cant wait to read this to all my grandchildren.

  5. I'd like to share this with my great niece and great nephew :)