Saturday, September 10, 2016

Sponsor Spotlight: Ack Wraps

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One thing I have discovered from being a mom is it can be hard to multi-task some things. I mean when you are tot chasing, while trying to nurse and do laundry or dishes it can become a bit difficult to do all at the same time. But if you wear your little one it makes thing a bit easier for you to get things done. You can easily wear the little one who needs nursed while you are tot chasing and doing laundry and dishes. 

Thanks to my ACK Wrap I am able to tot chase and get my daily household chores done while taking care of the newest Anderson family member. Things have been a bit crazy since the birth of Peanut on 8/28 and I don't see them calming down anytime soon. But having the ability to wear Peanut does help make things go a bit smoother around the house and out in public. 

I love how soft and comfortable the Ack Wrap is to wear. The button on it makes it easy to put on because you don't have to search for the middle of the wrap. It also comes with a matching carrying bag so you can easily store the wrap and take it with you. There are several different color choices as well for the wraps so you can easily get one to match your style. I am a big fan of neutral colors so I picked the Oatmeal and White Stripe wrap. 

The Ack Wrap would make a great baby shower gift for anyone who is expecting a new bundle of joy! 

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