Monday, November 7, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Draw Like This Book

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Pumpkin is the artist of the family and loves getting books that teach him new techniques. He keeps all his drawings into a big 3 ring binder so he can show them off. The binder goes with him everywhere even school. I love his creativity and his unique drawing style. I am so excited and can not wait to give him the Draw Like This! book for Christmas.

I love that the "Draw Like This!" book is a fully illustrated guide to drawing. It walks you through simple prompts and challenges, helping you to learn to draw from the inside out. I like books like this for Pumpkin because he has a hard time with reading so the illustrations steps are perfect for him. 

Topics that are covered in the book are:
~ Grid drawing
~ 2-point perspective
~ Negative space
~ Op Art
~ The human face and body
~ Elements of design
~ Shape, form and line
~ Color and texture

I really like that the book also has places for you to practice what is being taught. I think this will be a great tool for Pumpkin to expand his artistic abilities. He can practice in the book before actually trying to draw the picture on paper. He gets very upset if he messes his pictures up. This book would also make a great gift for anyone who loves to draw or doodle. Whether you are young or old this book will teach you something new about drawing and help build your skills.

Do you like to draw or have someone in your family who does? If you do I would recommend picking this book up for them as a gift!


  1. I think artistic ability is something you are born with. Some people will never be able to draw. Books like this help kids determine which category they fall in to!!

  2. I have several nephews that love to draw. I bet they would love this book.

  3. I think this book would inspire creativity in just about everyone who reads it. Conquer the basics then embellish.

  4. My mom taught me how to draw but I would love to read this book for more ideas!

  5. I'm a horrible drawer! This book might help me.

  6. How neat! I still probably wouldn't be able to draw anything though! Lol!

  7. This would make a really great gift for my niece!

  8. Oh I love this! Would be perfect for my nephew who just got into drawing! He would really enjoy this for Christmas!

  9. That looks like a helpful book--my son would love that...I admit that he is more artistic than me though I've always wanted to be better at drawing!

  10. My oldest son loved to draw and probably still does. This book would have helped him learn to draw some things faster I think.

  11. I think artistic ability is something you can delevop. Not everyone ia able to take special classes and books like this would be a great help.

  12. My oldest granddaughter loves to draw. This is something she would like.