Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: Dream Frenz

If your children are anything like mine they have a bed full of their favorite stuffed animals. There are times I can not find my children when I go to check on them at night because they are surrounded by all their animals. The boys are starting to outgrow this but still have their select favorites that they keep close. Sweet Pea I would say has the most things that she takes to bed and they all typically go with her to Nana and Papas house as well. She has a hard time picking favorites and now has her sister following in her footsteps.

Angel is slowly making a collection of stuffed animals for herself. She is forever trying to claim her siblings stuffed animals as her own. Due to this I can't wait to give Angel her Dream Frenz Penelope for Christmas. She is going to love this doll/pillow friend. Angel is just like her sister and loves everything Pink typically girl. Penelope is a beautiful soft friend with bright pink hair. Each of the Dream Frenz's have a soft pillow head with a stuffed body that tucks up inside it. 

The backs of each pillow has a beautiful coordinating quilted fabric on it. So you can just flip it over and you now have a beautiful accent pillow. I love getting my kids stuff like Dream Frenz because it has multiple uses as a friend and pillow. Dream Frenz are recommended for ages 3 and up since some have small pieces that could be a choking hazard to smaller children.

Do you have a child in your life that loves stuffed animals? If so I would highly recommend checking out Dream Frenz for them. You are sure to find one in the collection that they would love. These make great Christmas and Birthday gifts as well!

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