Thursday, November 3, 2016

Holiday Gift Guide: SnapPower

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Are you tired of not having enough electrical outlets for all your devices? Are you tired of the big power outlets sitting around so you have enough room to plug everything in? How about the night lights taking up your electrical outlets that you need for other things? Well I am happy to tell you that I have found a wonderful solution to this problem. SnapPower is a outlet cover that either has a USB charger built in or a night light at the bottom. 

I put the outlet cover with the USB built in by our kitchen table so if someone needs to charge their phone it is easily accessible. With the boys being older they are always on the computer, DS or a phone playing a game and it always seems like everything is going to die all at once. Now they are able to have all three things charging at the same time without needing a big power strip. It really helps with cutting down on the fighting on who is going to charge their stuff first.

The outlet cover with the night light built in the bottom we put above our shoes by the front door. It helps the kids in the morning find their shoes without waking their younger siblings up. I also like it there because it lights up the entryway just enough to see when we get home late in the evenings and its dark. These outlet covers would make great stocking stuffers for teenagers, men and new homeowners. 

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