Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Guess What? I Still Love You Book (Giveaway)

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If you are a mom or parent of a toddler then I am sure you have had your patience tried more times then you would like to remember. Heck as I am sitting here writing Angel is being far from one at the moment, but hey she is only 3 after all. With having five children there are days that I am so proud that I am still able to even function after all the stress they put me through. 

When Jessica reached out to me to review her book Guess What? I Still Love You. I jumped at the opportunity because it just seemed like a book that needed to be in my children's library. This book has quickly become a favorite of the Anderson girls and we read it almost daily. Sweet Pea has the book almost memorized so while reading it I will stop and ask her questions about what the book is talking about. I have discovered that she has a great mind and sweet kind heart by doing this.

I love the idea behind this book and personally feel this book should be in every home with children. It helps not only remind us as parents that hey they are kids just being kids but it also lets the children know that when they mess up we still Love them. I think we as parents forget sometimes that when our children are acting up that they are just being kids and acting their age. Sometimes its the simple reminders like this book that can help us remember what is truly important. 

Jessica has been nice enough to offer one of her wonderful books to my readers for a giveaway. If you would like to win this book to add to your children's library or to give to a friend then please enter below. 


  1. What I love: the artwork and the message! Thanks for sharing the Love!

  2. Thanks for the giveaway! This book is so cute.


  3. My daughter has said to me before, "Mom, you still love me even when I break things, don't you?" Yes, honey...I think we'd have a fun time reading this together.

  4. This looks like a cute book! Would love to read it with our daughter!

  5. This is an adorable story book! I think it's perfect for little ones!

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  7. This looks like a really cute book. :)