Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Create a Fun Lunch with Funbites

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Do your kids get tired of the same old boring lunches? I know mine do and they are always coming up with ideas for me to help make their lunches fun and exciting. One way we have discovered to make packed lunches fun is by cutting their sandwiches and fruit into fun shapes like dinosaurs, veggie tale characters, seasonal shapes and more. This is also where FunBites and all their fun sandwich cutters come in to play for our family.

We received the FunBites Paw Patrol Skye to review in the Holiday Gift Guide. Sweet Pea was super excited to get this sandwich cutter because Skye is her favorite Paw Patrol character and its pink. This sandwich cutter cuts the bread/sandwich into 2 bones, a shield and a flower. This cutter would also come in handy when making homemade dog treats. 

FunBites has a variety of different fun cutters that you can choose from. I am sure if you go to their website you will find several that you will want to get. I know I have my eye on a few I want to add to our collection here at Andersons Angels. Each of the cutters will help make your child's lunches whether at school or home a little more fun to eat. Each of the cutters are a sturdy and durable curved blade style cutter. This allows you to cut fun bite-sized shapes out of bread, fruits, cheese, play-doh and more. It also allows children to help without the worry of them getting hurt.

If you are looking for a way to make your child's lunches fun and entertaining then I would recommend picking up some FunBites sandwich cutters. These cutters make great gifts as well for kids who love to help in the kitchen with meal prep.

 How do you keep your child's lunch from being boring?

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  1. I have some of the original Funbites. It is great. The children can use this to cut their own sandwich. They eat better too when they are eating a shape.