Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Enjoy Spring with RoseArt Chalks

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One thing that I love is my kids being creative especially outside so the mess isn't in my house. With Angel being 3 she loves to explore stuff and that typically ends with a giant mess for me to clean up. So when I received an offer to review RoseArt's new sidewalk chalk line I was excited because they were outdoor activities.

I received the Super Chalk Stamper + stencils and sticks, a set of Jumbo Paint Brushes and a set of RoseArt Sidewalk Chalk Paints. The kids were all super excited to get all these different kinds of sidewalk chalks and paints. They had a hard time waiting for the weather to break so they could use them. 

Angel loved the fish stencil with the stamper she said " I can make Nemo Mommy"!! Angel loves watching Nemo and loves fish in general. She is forever adding new rocks and stuff to our fish tank at home. The girls and some of their friends from the neighborhood really enjoyed playing with the Jumbo Paint Brushes they painted my entire side porch along with some rocks. The nice thing is once it rains it will all wash away and all the mess stayed OUTSIDE!! 

If you are looking for some fun outdoor activities you and your kids would enjoy that support their creativity then I would recommend checking out RoseArt's sidewalk chalks and paints. They are super fun and easy for the kids to use and all was off with water. Plus all the mess is outside and not in your home for you to clean up! These stamps and paint brushes would make great gifts in Easter Baskets or for a summer birthday!

What is your favorite outdoor activity to do with your children that supports their creativity and artistic abilities?


  1. This stamps are so cool! I can't wait for spring weather to get here so the kids can get outside and play! These would be great for the neighborhood kids.

  2. These look like so much fun! We don't have sidewalks out here on the farm, but the grandkids do, and they love sidewalk chalk. My boys play with the cow or chase the chickens, but they are usually on the 4 wheelers, or fishing in our pond.

  3. I love the paint brushes. We use those on the driveway. They girls love coloring with things other than plain chalk sticks.