Thursday, April 6, 2017

Ulysses Press: Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils

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Since I started my new journey with Young Living Essential Oils I have been trying to build my collection of books that go along with Essential Oils. I love having books with recipes and ideas of how to treat my family with a more holistic approach. I have also been switching my cleaning supplies over to more natural things. I am very excited about my newest book Smart Mom's Guide to Essential Oils: Natural solutions for a healthy family, toxin-free home and happier you. 

This book is made up of wonderful chapters to help you use your essential oils throughout your whole house. It also includes a bunch of wonderful recipes to help you use your oils in many different ways. I personally love how the recipes also include a guide on how to dilute the mixtures so you can use them on your children as well. 

Chapters of the Book:
Chapter 1: What Are Essential Oils
Chapter 2: How To Use Essential Oils
Chapter 3: The Value of Daily Usage
Chapter 4: Smart Mom Recipes for Everyday Emergencies
Chapter 5: Green Recipes for the Home
Chapter 6: Natural Personal and Beauty Care Recipes
Chapter 7: Aromatherapy Blends for Mood, Focus and Purifying
Chapter 8: Self-Care Wellness Rituals with Essential Oils
Chapter 9: Women's Hormone Health and Essential Oils 

This book is a must in my opinion for anyone who wants to use Essential Oils in their home for more then just diffusing. Or if you are already using Essential Oils and are just looking for some new wonderful recipes then I highly recommend getting this book for your collection. 

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