Monday, August 28, 2017

Easy School Supply Labeling

With the kids heading back to school it is time to start thinking about labeling all their school supplies. I am not sure about you, but I hate sitting down and writing the kids names on every single school supply. Since my home label maker quit working I am stuck writing each child's name on every item. By the time I am done my hand hurts since I currently have 3 school aged children. This year Label Daddy came to my rescue with labels for my daughter. 

I got the Classic Combo Pack of labels to use so I would have different sizes to use on Sweet Peas supplies. I used a small label on her water bottle that stays at school so there is no mix-ups on whose bottle is whose while in the classroom. One very easy way to help from spreading germs between the kids. These labels can also be easily used on clothing as well and will not come off in the washer if placed properly on the clothing tags. You do have to let the label sit for 24 hours on your clothing before you wash them so it has time to properly adhere to the tag. I even put labels inside the kids shoes so there is no mix-ups at school if someone has the same shoes. 

If you are tired of having to label everything by writing names on the items then I highly recommend checking out all the great label options Label Daddy has to offer! They have a variety of sizes, colors, designs, fonts and more. I personally think the funnest part is designing the labels. I know that I will be ordering more labels for the boys when they go to camp this summer. I may even let the boys design their own labels so it fits their style. 

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