Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Relax with Spice Labs during the Holidays

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With the Holidays right around the corner it is time to start thinking about the gifts you will give family and friends. If you are like me then the idea of deciding on the right gifts to give can cause you stress. I love gift giving but finding the right gift can be stressful and finding ways to relax is not much easier. But thanks to Spice Labs I now have some wonderful gifts to give to my mother in law as well as ways to destress after shopping.

The Spice Lab

I was sent a variety of products to try from Spice Labs to try. I was sent 100% Pure Lemon Citrus Sea Salt Bath Soak, 100% Pure Pina Colada Green Tea Sea Salt Bath Soak, Cold B-Gone Wellness Tea, Recovery Wellness Tea and Serenity Wellness Tea. 

I am one who enjoys a relaxing bath when I can sneak one in, but with having 5 children I typically grab a super quick shower. Because no sooner I get in the bathroom someone is knocking on the door and needing in or Peanut realizes I am out of his sight and starts yelling. Unfortunately Mr. Anderson can not handle Peanut yelling for more then a couple minutes. When I have been able to sneak in a relaxing bath I have been enjoying the Spice Labs Bath Soaks! 

The Bath Soaks are a new line added to The Spice Lab's array of products. The Bath Soaks are 100% pure sea salt, blended with herbs to create a relaxing in-home spa experience. You can use a cupful for a soothing bath or you can increase the quantity of salt used for a detox bath. Salt Soaks are considered a natural way to soften skin, absorb nutrients, relieve stress and purify the body. There are currently 5 wonderful bath soaks available. 

Since I am not a Tea drinker I will be gifting the teas to my mother in law this year for Christmas. She loves tea in every form hot and cold so she will thoroughly enjoy these teas. If you are looking for some wonderful de-stressing gifts for Christmas then I would recommend picking up some Bath Soaks or Teas from The Spice Lab!

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