Thursday, November 2, 2017

Get A Better Shave with Legacy Shave

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If you have a husband with a beard that takes daily maintenance then you know how frustrated they can get dealing with it. I know that Mr. Anderson gets annoyed at times with shaving and having to use shaving cream. It seems like when you put the shaving cream on all the hair lays down leaving you with a not so great shave. But now thanks to the Legacy Shave's Evolution Brush you can get a nice clean shave while using shaving cream.

The Evolution Brush offers guys and girls the best shaving experience by stimulating and lifting the hair follicles allowing for the cleanest, closest shave possible. This brush also helps reduce the amount of shaving cream or gel you use so you save money in the long run! This is the first universal brush attachment for both foam and gel shaving cream cans. It helps give you a clean shave since you do not have to touch the shaving cream with your hands.

I like how easy and mess free the evolution brush has made shaving for not just Mr. Anderson but also for me. I have always hated getting my hands all messy while shaving and the time it takes away from being able to get things done quickly. When your a parent to 5 children you need to get things done quickly and this brush helps us do just that. The brush is easy to use just attach it to your shaving can, lock it in place and your ready to use it. To use it you simply press down gently until you get a little foam or gel out and your ready to use the brush.

Be sure to check out the Legacy Shave's Evolution Brush for the shaver in your family! They make a great stocking stuffer gift for anyone that shaves and I know I will be picking some up for gifts this year!

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