Monday, November 13, 2017

Get rid of unwanted Pet Hair with Eazee

Eazee Deshedding Tool for Pets

One thing that is driving me nuts is all the excess hair our Golden Retriever seems to have lately. It seems like I could remove enough hair off Chewbacca to make another whole dog. With winter quickly approaching here in Ohio Chewbacca seems to be growing his winter coat. Though his shedding is starting to let up he still has a lot of hair that needs maintained. With Mr. Anderson having a allergy to cats and dogs I have to try and keep all the picked up off the floor from the pets shedding. 

Thanks to the eazee shedding tool I can easily brush Chewbacca and get rid of any excess hair he has. I brushed him while he was eating and he was so good about it he only stopped to sniff the excess hair I took off him. I love that the eazee shedding tool does not have any sharp metal that could rust and hurt Chewbacca. This shedding tool has a precisely balanced head and contoured handle for easy deshedding. It is made of static-free material so hair slides right off the tool. The handle disconnects for use with click & brush accessories.

The eazee shedding tool comes in 3 sizes for dogs and your choice of 6 colors. The eazee shedding tool for cats is just like the dogs but made to work on cats. The tools for both dogs and cats are very similar in function. Both only remove 100% dead hair and 0% live hair. They come with two durable combs, one for daily grooming and one for more intense grooming. The combs are reversible for thing or thick hair so the tools are great for any pet. 

If you have a cat or dog that needs to be brushed then I would recommend picking up a eazee shedding tool for them. This tool is super easy to use and it works great you won't be disappointed!

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  1. I use the same brush on my furrier dog and my cat; works well with both and my favorite part is how easy it is to clean the brush! My cat has a non-stop undercoat ~ ugh. Would be nice to have a second one strictly for her LOL