Friday, November 10, 2017

Give your Pet a Special Treat this Holiday Season

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I know that I love making my kids cakes and cookies for special treats but never considered doing it for my pets. With Chewbacca's 1st birthday right around the corner I am sure the kids will want to do something special for him. Thanks to PetCakes I will help them make Chewbacca a special birthday cake just for him. 

We received a set of the Pet Cakes for Christmas for our dogs and cats. We will be using the dog kit to make Chewbacca a birthday cake. Since he has a December birthday the Christmas kit will work great for his cake. But not only will Chewbacca be getting a cake but our cats Diego and Ms. Kitty as well. 

I am excited to make these kits as they come with the mold, cake mix and icing mix. I like these treats are made with all natural and organic ingredients. I try to feed my family only natural and organic so my pets deserve the same. The molds are BPA Free as well so no need to worry about chemicals seeping into the treats while cooking. The dog kit makes 1 large bone shaped treat that measures 6" x 3" x 2".  You are able to make these treats in the microwave for a quick treat. Which is great if you want to do something quick. There are also refill kits you can buy so save the mold and reuse it over and over making your pet yummy treats.

PetCakes also offers frozen treat kits that you can make for your dogs so you can give them a cool treat during the dog days of summer. Whether you want to make your pet a special birthday cake or just a special just because treat. Then I would recommend checking out all the different treats available from PetCakes!

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