Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Winter Car Seat Safety

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With winter quickly approaching it is time to really start to think about car seat safety. Since I live in Ohio we deal with snow in the winter which can make using car seats a total pain. Most people do not realize that car seats and children's heavy winter coats do not mix well. I am guilty of this myself until I was made aware of the danger and now I try to help educate others on this danger. When you allow your child to wear their coat in the car seat you have to loosen the straps so they can fit which leaves the harness to loose to protect your child in a crash.

Image result for car seat with winter coat

As you can easily see from the picture above there is way to much slack in the harness without the coat on. That slack could be the difference of life or death for your child if you are involved in a accident. What my family does is we have blankets for the children or we put the coat on after the child is buckled in their seat. The coat can easily be put on backwards once the child is buckled and it keeps them nice -n- warm and SAFE. 

Image result for car seat with winter coat

If you have a infant there are aftermarket covers you can buy that are designed to give additional warmth. These simply go over the car seat and do not affect the harness system that protects the baby. But the easiest thing is to use a fitted blanket around baby once they are harnessed in the car seat. So whether you are driving a new car, old car or looking for a car on cars.com be sure that your children are safely buckled in this winter season.

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