Thursday, December 28, 2017

Create a Reading Space with Floor Bloom

Floor Bloom

One thing that the girls love to do is sit in their room to color and read books. Since they are getting bigger we are working on slowly re-doing their room so they can have a reading and coloring area. I try to not have any big chairs or furniture in their room that is not needed as they have the smallest room in the house. So when I got the opportunity to work with Floor Bloom with the Holiday Gift Guide I was super excited.

The floor pillows from Floor Bloom are bright, colorful and cheerful. They are poufy enough to keep your bottom comfortable while sitting on the floor. My girls love the different pillows they received for Christmas. Sweet Pea got the Amazing Oyster floor pillow and Angel got the Rockin' Rainbow floor pillow.

When you open up the oyster there is a beautiful pearl inside! This pillow can also be used in a seat to soften it up. The colors on these pillows are bright and cheerful exactly what you would want for a kids bedroom or playroom.

Floor Bloom was created in an attempt to find good floor pillows for Kathlenn Hale's (Co-Founder & CEO) family. She was using dog beds, when she decided to design her own fun floor pillows for her family. Floor Bloom was then created. I love the different variety of floor pillows and so do my children.

Have you seen all the different Floor Bloom floor pillows? Which is your favorite? I personally love the Peppy Purple Flower and hope to get it soon to add with the girls so I have somewhere comfy to sit while reading and coloring with them in their room.

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