Sunday, December 3, 2017

Give Your Body A Boost

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One thing that I am always on the lookout for is healthier drink options for my family. I am always trying to find ways to get my family to drink something other then soda/pop. None of us really care for plan water and always seem to have a soda/pop in hand. I know that it is not healthy for any of us so I am always willing to try new things. When I got the chance to review Bonta' I happily accepted. Mr. Anderson has been drinking more coconut water recently so I thought he might enjoy the Bonta' drinks. 

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I received 4 bottles of the Bonta' one of each of the flavors. Mr. Anderson did not get to drink any of the Bonta' drinks as Angel and Peanut ended up drinking them all. Peanut had got sick and was not wanting to drink his water but he loved the Bonta' and I was happy to give it to him. When he was having tummy issues I gave him the Glow Lemon Ginger because ginger helps calm the stomach. All of Bonta's drinks are rich in plant-based, Mediterranean sourced ingredients. 

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Angel really like the Fortify Blueberry flavor of Bonta'. She loves blueberries and anything blueberry flavor. I like that each of the flavors has different properties to help with different health aspects the body needs. They currently offer Vitalize Cherry that is activated with ingredients known to rejuvenate the body. Revive Blood Orange that is activated with ingredients known to counteract inflammation. Glow Lemon Ginger that is infused with ingredients known to enhance hair and skin's radiance. Fortify Blueberry that is infused with ingredients known to support a healthy immune system.

If you are looking for a healthy option for your family to try then I would recommend Bonta'. My kids love it and I am picking up more on my next shopping trip. 

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