Monday, February 5, 2018

Create the Perfect Hamburger Everytime

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One thing that I love is eating a delicious fresh grilled hamburger. I also love creating new and delicious hamburger recipes as well for my family to enjoy. Anyone that knows our family knows we loves to grill and we love a good hamburger as well. Now thanks to Cave Tools we are able to grill up the perfect hamburger!

I recently received a Burger Press Patty Maker to review with my family. I have to say that I quickly fell in love with the patty maker. I am not sure about you but I could never get all my patty's to come out to be the size I wanted when I made them by hand. The patty maker helped me to be able to create the perfect burgers each time. Having the patty maker also allows me to buy more bulk fresh hamburger from my local meat market and pre-make patties to freeze. 

The patty maker has indicator lines on it so I can easily make 1/4 pound or 1/3 pound hamburgers. That is great since the kids do not eat as big of a hamburger as Mr. Anderson or his brother. The patty maker makes it much easier on me to create multi-sized hamburgers to feed different size appetites easily. The palm shaped hamburger press handle reduces fatigue when making multiple burgers. The patty maker allows you to get consistent size and shape every time so your burgers cook evenly on the grill. 

The Burger Press Patty Maker also comes with 200 square burger papers which makes removing them and separating them a breeze after they have been froze. When it comes time to clean up the patty maker just simply put it in the dishwasher on the top rack. 

If your family loves hamburgers as much as we do then I would highly recommend picking up the Burger Press Patty Maker. It will cut your hamburger making time in half and give you more time to entertain guests or just the kids.  To receive 15% OFF use code BURGER15

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  1. Oh this is what we need. I will have to look into it.