Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Little Debbie's Mother's Day Cakes

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Have you started to think about Mother's Day and what you will get the special Mom in your life? Well Little Debbie's is already thinking about Mother's Day and has released two delicious flavors of Mother's Day Cakes. These cakes make a nice addition to a Mother's Day brunch or just a nice little gift. You can get the cakes in either Strawberry or Lemon flavor.

These snack cakes have been a HUGE hit in the Anderson Household. The kids and Mr. Anderson all love the Strawberry flavor cake the most. Mr. Anderson said they remind him of Strawberry Shortcake one of his all-time favorite desserts. These cakes feature either strawberry or lemon cake filled with a white creme filling, covered in white icing and topped with either fancy yellow or pink stripes. So not only are these snack cakes delicious they are also very pretty.

If you are someone who likes to dunk cake into your tea or coffee like my mother-in-law then these cakes would be perfect for you. They also make a wonderful little pick me up during the day when you want something sweet. These cakes are a great addition to the rest of the Little Debbie's snack line. I know my family will be sad when these cakes are no longer available in the stores. Mr. Anderson is hoping to see something fun and new from Little Debbie's for Father's Day...

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How would you like to try these snack cakes? Then I have a great announcement for you because I am giving away some of these delicious snack cakes! You can keep them for yourself or share them with a special mom in your life! To ENTER simply click on the Rain Rain Go Away! Giveaway Hop link to Enter and GOOD LUCK!

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