Monday, October 15, 2018

Gift Guide: Emerson Creek Pottery

One thing that I do on a daily basis in my home is cook. So I am always looking for things that will make my life simpler in the kitchen. Not only do I look for items that are functional but also beautiful that can left out to serve other purposes. Recently I received the beautiful dragonfly batter bowl from Emerson Creek Pottery to review in my Holiday Gift Guide. 

I never had a batter bowl before receiving this and I am not sure how I ever cooked without one. The batter bowl makes cooking so much easier. I love that it has a handle and pouring spot which makes using it much easier than a normal bowl. When pouring your batter or mixture from a normal bowl it does not always go where intended. Thanks to the pouring spout I no longer have to worry about my batter going anywhere other then where I need it, also no more wasted batter running down the side of my bowl. 

I am in love with this batter bowl and it does not get put away in my cupboards. I think it is just to beautiful of a piece to keep put away. So when not in use I am using it to store some of my fruit aka fruit bowl. This way I can see it and admire the beautiful artwork on it all the time. The batter bowl is hand painted and comes in a variety of beautiful designs to chose from. 

Emerson Creek Pottery offers a variety of beautiful items that would make the perfect Christmas gift for anyone that loves to be in the kitchen. Maybe you know someone who is not so big on cooking but loves a good cup of coffee or tea. They also have wonderful mugs, lamps, vases and more. So they really do offer something for everyone and everything is handmade and hand painted!

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  1. I really love Emerson Creek. I bought my sister-in-law one of their platters last Christmas. Their patterns are beautiful and the pieces become family heirlooms.