Sunday, December 16, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: Skinnies

I know many people that live with diabetes and are always looking for new ways to help control it. I have only dealt with gestational diabetes personally but diabetes does run in my family. I was recently sent a pair of Skinnies Therapetic Socks to review in the Holiday Gift Guide. 

These are diabetic socks that do not compress the foot and does not restric blood flow. The padding in the sole of the sock helps to reduce impact damage to the foot. The socks are hypo-allergenic and made with anti-microbial protection reducing the risk of infection and odors.

These socks are resistant to balling and bubbling where the fibers of the yarn gather togther to forms clumps or balls of material which can cause ulcers in diabetics. These socks have no stiitching or seams, making them more comfortable to wear and less likely to cause ulcers and other problems if you suffer from diabetes.

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