Monday, December 3, 2018

Holiday Gift Guide: SoftScience

I have been trying out my SoftScience SailFin Sailing Shoes for awhile now. These shoes are pretty awesome and I am loving them! Their line of fishing shoes dries quickly, and they will not slip on the wet docks or boat hulls. Though we do not have a big fishing boat we do have a small one and these shoes help me feel more secure walking around the wet docks. 

SoftScience is filling the hole left by other shoe companys, by making a line of awesome fishing shoes for women. Their Sailfin, Fin 2.0 and Fin 3.0 are made specifically for boating and fishing. They have a non-slip grip and athletic shoe support that makes them comfortable. They have a stylish flare to them as well. 

I love that these shoes have a non-slip Trileon outsole that allows them to dry fast. It also has forefoot water flow system. I have to say that the best part about these shoes is that they have a removable washable insole. Which is great because after fishing and being on the wet docks and sometimes in the water helping load the boat I don't want stinky shoes sitting around. 

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