Monday, December 10, 2018

Review: Instant Indian- No-Knead Naan

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Instant Indian: Classic Foods from Every Region of India Made Easy in the Instant Pot by Rinku Bhattacharya is a great cook book that uses your Instant Pot. The book has recipes for breakfast, snacks, dinners, desserts and drinks as well. One of my favorite Indian dishes is chicken methi mushroom and I always like to pair it with naan bread. I found this simple and delicious recipe for no-knead naan bread that only takes less than 2 hours!

I ALWAYS talk myself out of making breads because they take so long and you have to wait until the dough rises. With rapid rise yeast an hour on the yogurt setting in your instant pot and viola your dough is ready to be rolled and cooked on a cast iron griddle. Below the recipe is listed along with some of my pictures from my batch!

Combine until smooth

Slowly add flour mixture

Form into a round ball with your hands

Yogurt setting for an hour in your instant pot

Once an hour has passed make 8 lemon size balls then roll with your floured rolling pin!

Cook on a cast iron griddle flipping over once. Finish with some butter on top and serve with your favorite Indian dish!

Enjoy this simple No-Knead Naan Bread recipe!

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