Thursday, December 6, 2018

Sophie Bag Review

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  Most of you know I am a mom of 4. My last little bundle was a girl so of course I had no girlie things. In the process of looking for a diaper bag (why is there so many choices I will never understand), I wasn't sure if I wanted the traditional bag, the shoulder bag or the back pack style of bag. What I did know is that I wanted something that was going to hold her items and possibly a change of clothes for my 4 year old (you never know what he gets into). Let me introduce you to the Sophie Bag. This bag is going to be the last diaper bag you buy. It is equipped with the traditional bag, the shoulder bag and the back pack bag, plus more.

It is the perfect size for LadyBugs items and a change of clothes for JBug. The Sophie Bag is water proof (which we all know little ones spit up and this wipes clean), it has 3 insulated bottle pockets, 2 additional inside pockets for phone or wallet, an outside insulated zipper pocket on one side and a pocket for wipes on the other side. The wipe pocket even has a front zipper so you don't have to take the whole pack out, you can just unzip and grab a wipe while holding a squirmy baby in the other hand. As a bonus, it comes with a changing pad that is 25x15 inches and is also waterproof and wipes clean super easy.

  We do a lot of walking and I usually just grab the diaper bag and stuff it in the basket and have no room for anything else. The Sophie Diaper Bag even has stroller straps to hook onto the handles. No more cluttered basket. I can even talk Bean (14 years old) into carrying a "diaper bag" because it looks like a back pack. There are zipper pockets that you tuck the extra handles in when you are not using them so you don't have straps hanging everywhere to get caught on stuff. Juggling 2 little ones into the doctors office the other day was made a whole lot easier by tossing the diaper bag on my shoulder and heading in.

  The Sophie Diaper Bag comes in Black, Grey or Pink on Amazon and is only $41.99. Just in-case you are still undecided just know this... this diaper bag comes with a Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee, which I'm sure you will be satisfied with. Make sure to grab the Sophie Diaper Bag for your next baby shower gift.

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