Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Help Your Child Learn To Read (Giveaway)

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One skill that our children will always use in their life is the skill of reading. It seems like children are expected to know how to read when entering Kindergarten now. With Angel being 5 she will be entering Kindergarten in the fall so we are working on her skills at home to get her ready. I recently received several sets of Learn to Read with. Bob Books and Versatiles to review with Angel. 

I am loving these sets and wish I would have had them when my older children were learning to read. I have two children that have speech problems which has affected their reading skills and these sets would have been a great help for them when they were starting their reading skills. Each set comes with Bob Books, 1 workbook and 1 answer case. 

Angel was quickly figuring out how to use the workbook and answer case. She really liked discovering that her answers were correct. I like that the workbook starts off simple for the kids who are just starting their skills. These sets make a great learning tool for any child who is learning to read or needs help with strengthening the skills they already have. 

I am excited to be giving away the same sets that I received as well! So one lucky person will win this set to help a child learn the skill of reading!

This Giveaway is open to the US ONLY! 


  1. The Sprout and Grow science model looks amazing!

  2. i really like the rainbow fraction circles demonstration!

  3. I would like to try Botley the Coding Robot.

  4. I am interested in Botley the Coding Robot activity set.

  5. I really like all of your blogs. I appreciate you sharing. Cant wait to read your next post!

  6. I have one of this and I have already kick start mt child’s path to reading with Bob books and versatile beginning readers. I totally love this set because this is perfect for children who knows the Alphabet, and introduces 2- and 3- letter phonics words. Try it moms and dads out there!

  7. They are just the right stuff for beginning readers. No other beginner books I’ve found, have been simple enough to actually encouraging the very first reading ventures