Sunday, March 24, 2019

Cooshi Comfort Weighted Blanket Review

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, you'll be helping to feed the little angels here at Andersons Angels.
Cooshi Comfort is a small father/daughter business located in GA. A father who works 3 other jobs in order to make ends meet for his daughter and son. They started this business to help pay off debt from college. From the first time I talked to the owner Matt, he was always very quick to respond. He gave me a weighted blanket to review. I was so excited. I have had anxiety since I was in gradeschool. Now I have it as a adult working and chasing a 2.5 year old around with our 3 dogs! The first night I slept with my 15 pound blanket it was pure bliss... honestly HEAVEN!!! You do not know how good I felt.

You maybe wondering what the perks are of a weighted blanket. I will list below 20 benefits!!

1. eases insomnia
2. helps with autism
3. helps anxiety
4. eases stress
5. improved focus for ADHD
6. helps fibromyalgia pain
7. improves sleep quality
8. eases RLS
9. boost mood
10. promotes calm
11. eases pain
12. focus
13. eases travel anxiety
14. helps elderly
15. helps with PTSD
16. anxiety in dogs
17. helps manage OCD
18. soothes panic disorder symptoms
19.recreates a hug
20. makes your feel safe

You can purchase your Cooshi Weighted Blanket and cover on amazon. They are more affordable than most on the market.

When looking at buying from a big box store vs. a small company. Remember.... you are putting a little girl in dance lessons, a vacation that a family hasnt taken in 5 years, maybe put their son in basketball. Your not helping a CEO of a company by his 5th summer home and go on his 5th vacation this year.

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