Saturday, August 17, 2019

Courage for Life/Strong and Courageous Review & Giveaway

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Do you struggle with finding daily encouragement? I know myself and many other woman do. It seems like we are always searching for something that will help us. I know for me personally it seems like everything is working against me lately and I can not find joy in much. I know that I am being tested but it is so hard to stay true when your are tested constantly it seems. I have found that reading daily encouragement is helpful for me. Recently I received the book "She Is Strong and Courageous" to review. 

About The Book:
Say hello to a life empowered by courage. Women around the world choose to face life with courage every day. It's time to discover your God-given strength and kick your fears to the curb. She Is Strong and Courageous will lead you on a 90-day transformational journey encountering courageous women: of the Bible, throughout history, and in our world today. Start your day with a Scripture, devotional reading, call to action, and prayer that will help you know God personally, understand His Word clearly, and apply His truth powerfully. You can tackle anything when you lean into your source of courage - Jesus Christ. It's time to greet each day with joy and determination and pursue your calling in faith and freedom. 

This book has been helping me to become a better me and see the good that there is even when I am going through a lot of trials. It has also helped me learn more about all the women in the Bible that has done some incredible things and how we can learn from them. If you are struggling in your daily life like most of us are. I would recommend getting this book! You can also try to win a copy by clicking the picture below.

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