Monday, March 9, 2020

What's Going On...

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been posting much on here lately and neither have the other writers. We are all still around just been very busy with life and kids. I personally have needed a break from social media. I have been focusing on my kids who are growing up way to fast in my opinion. We have been dealing with a lot of health issues with our oldest daughter and are working with the doctors to see if we can get some answers. I have so much I want to do anymore and I just can not find the time to do it all. 

We have been working on getting our home remodeled in the hopes that we can sell it soon. We have started a 2-3 plan to try and achieve our goal we set. Life is quickly changing around here in some ways for the better and others I am just not sure about. There are days that I feel like I could just give up and walk away and no one would really notice until they needed something. Then there are days that I could not even imagine my life without all this wonderful craziness. 

On top of my blog and being a full time stay at home mom I have been running two businesses as well. I have my own clothing boutique through HelloPink and I opened up a Etsy shop to sell some of my crafts. My older children are now working on crafts that they can sell in my shop as well. What started off as a small adventure for me has sparked the creativity of my children and I love that. 

So just because we are not on here posting please know that we have not given up on the blog. It is just life has taken us to pause from it for a bit.

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